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1 in 4 Tenants Do Not Report Damage. 11 May 2017

If you caused accidental damage to a property, would you tell your landlord? 27% of those asked in a recent survey said they would not. One in four tenants said they would not inform their landlord if they caused significant damage to their rental property.... Read More

5 tips to help boost your rental yield 11 May 2017

Being a landlord is by no means an easy undertaking. Competition for exemplary tenants is fierce, maintenance can be costly and time consuming and your legal obligations can at times feel like a web of confusing, ever changing jargon. But get it right, and investing in a property can be one of the most lucrative and satisfying investments you can make.... Read More

Are Student Properties a good investment? 11 May 2017

Investing in student property can be a lucrative way to earn money as a landlord. In 2016, a record 535,200 people took up higher education places, which in turns means the demand for quality student accommodation has never been higher. So where to start? Well the first thing you need to do is forget everything you thought you knew about the standard of students are willing to put up with.... Read More

Will 3 Year Tenancies Be The Norm For Build To Rent Investors? 11 May 2017

The leading members of the UK Build to Rent sector recently signed a pledge to offer 3 year tenancies in their new developments. Created by the British Property Federation, this pledge looks to help with the demand for long term tenancies from prospective tenants, families in particular, within the private rented sector.... Read More